CP Plus Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to Manage and Maintain Car Parks

Car parks are normally taken for granted by those utilising them, until things begin to stop functioning or begin to deteriorate. Extensive maintenance and upkeep are required to keep car parks in a respectable working order. CP Plus is a leading car park management company that understands all the requirements for keeping car park customers happy and they are taking the necessary steps to provide comprehensive car park services to their clients who include motorway service operators, local authorities, developers, English Heritage, retailers and NHS Trusts.

Many car park companies summon outside contractors to fill in potholes, replace broken signs, repaint fading lines, etc. However, CP Plus has taken such situations into their own hands and has made moves to use its more than 20 years of car park management experience to provide most services required to keep their client’s car parks in top shape and providing excellent customer service.

Besides the above mentioned tasks, CP Plus has also grown to provide light bulb replacement and deep cleaning of car park areas as part of their core services. Car park landscaping, replanting, weeding and other property maintenance services have also been incorporated into their offered services. CP Plus believes that clean and nicely presented surroundings make a big difference in the overall good experience of parking customers.

CP PlusWhen surfaces of car parks managed by CP Plus deteriorate, the company brings in surface refurbishment contractors that are professionally equipped to resurface simple or multi-level car parks. CP Plus also oversees car park upgrades and provides advice, layouts, materials, fee gathering and security equipment, signage and other necessities. While refurbishments are in process, CP Plus ensures that operations continue with the least amount of disruption possible.

Dealing with adverse weather conditions is another element with which CP Plus is well acquainted. Winters, in particular, can be severe across the UK with snow and ice presenting particularly challenging problems. However, CP Plus has devised effective strategies to deal with winter weather that include de-icing and snow removal. The company stockpiles salt, spreads grit, removes snow and other necessary winter weather services.

The main objective of CP Plus is to provide the best car park management service in the UK, by delivering the highest level of quality and commitment. CP Plus helps to protect the customers that utilise their clients car parks, often relying on Met Office services to provide them with early freeze warnings so that car park surfaces, entryways and footpaths are adequately prepared beforehand to resist ice build up.

CP Plus Given Ashford and St Peters Foundation Trust Car Park Duties

Management of the Ashford and St Peters Foundation Hospitals Trust has been awarded to CP Plus over other competitors. The Trust went to in-house management of their car park sites in 2006 after a 2000-2005 management by CP Plus. However, increased problems with traffic congestion prompted them to return to an outside management company with CP Plus being chosen again.

One of the main reasons for the Trust turning over car park management to CP Plus was that they installed a barrier system and other renovations. However, congestion of traffic increased beyond the barrier, due to motorists parking in the undesignated areas. Because authorisation by the Trust is not allowed for the issuing of Parking Charge Notices, they had to return to a company (CP Plus) that could have access to DVLA data, in order to effectively enforce parking and bring the situation back under control.

CP Plus has reformulated parking policy for the Ashford and St Peters Foundation Trust car park sites as well as installing proper signage so that the facilities are British Parking Association compliant under their existing Code of Practice. Security Industry Association (SIA) licensed CP Plus staff members have also been assigned to the areas in order to help enforce parking regulations.

Gavin Povey, the Head of Development at CP Plus, said that it was an credit to our staff having the company’s value recognised by the Ashford and St Peters Foundation Trust since CP Plus had handled car park management for them before. Povey added that CP Plus was well capable of effectively handling continued service to the Trust by both managing and enforcing the Trust’s car parks.

CP Plus CP Plus might also be able to apply other of their professional and innovative solutions to the Trust’s car parks. The company provides such services as car park and facilities management, security management, state of the art car park technology and parking enforcement. Parking solutions provided by CP Plus can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any client.

CP Plus has grown from a small company with only three clients starting out in 1991 to one of the most sought after car park management companies in the UK. The company now manages more than 350 car parks owned by various companies, some of which are leading names in the country.

A comprehensive kit for car breakdowns – items recommend by CP Plus

A comprehensive kit for car breakdowns – items recommend by CP Plus

Most drivers know that they need to keep basics such as a spare tyre, a car jack and a flashlight in their car in case they break down. However, there are a few other bits and pieces which can come in handy when your vehicle slows to a stop. In this article, auto-experts from CP Plus discuss some of the most useful items to keep in your car boot.

A bottle of engine oil is a must-have item, according to CP Plus. A one litre bottle should be enough to top off a CP Plus Breakdown Kitdangerously low oil level. Bear in mind that running out of oil will almost certainly result in the engine seizing up. Engine oil can also be used to help lubricate any screws which have seized up, which can mean the difference between making it to the nearest garage, or being stuck at the side of the motorway.

Metallic tape is another item which CP Plus experts say is surprisingly useful; this is excellent for temporarily fixing an exhaust pipe; a double wrap over a hole will allow you to drive the car to the mechanic without worrying about inhaling exhaust fumes. This tape is also great for sealing up air and water hoses.

CP Plus breakdownOn top of this, CP Plus says that it’s a good idea to keep elephant tape in the car; this can be used for bonding wet surfaces, which makes it perfect for any water leaks. However remember that this will not be able to withstand high temperatures, and so it not suitable for covering any holes on the exhaust pipe, as it will simply melt off.

A strong, relatively long piece of rope is another item which will be invaluable if you break down and are offered a tow. CP Plus also says that it can be used to temporarily replace a broken alternator belt. You should also keep a set of long jump leads in your boot, in case your battery goes flat, as a quick jump start from a passing motorist is often enough to get your car up and moving again.

Tips from CP Plus

Driving in Europe – tips from CP Plus

According to CP Plus, the differences between driving in mainland Europe and driving in the UK go beyond simply driving on the left or the right of the road. In some instances, these differences arise as a result of circumstances which rarely if ever occur in the UK. Here, we explore the variations in driving requirements between these two places.

Weather conditions play an important role in the different ways in which people drive in the UK and mainland Europe. For example in Europe’s colder areas, drivers are required to use winter tyres on their car for several months of the year. And, although in the UK, motorists have no qualms about driving in the rain, in Spain and France, the speed limits

CP Plus

are actually reduced when it’s wet outside. Other differences are much smaller and more often than not it is these less noticeable differences which catch UK motorists out when they drive in Europe.

It’s important for drivers from the UK to ensure that they have both parts of their licence with them whilst driving abroad; if they’re stopped by the police, they’ll be expected to produce this documentation. They’ll also need it if they decide they want to hire a car, rather than bring their own.

For those touring the wine regions of France, it’s worth noting that in this country it’s illegal to ride a motorbike or drive a car without carry a breathalyser. Whilst this might seem extreme, it can prove to be useful for drivers who intend to go on frequent wine tastings, and to dine out and drink with their meals, as this could easily leave them over the limit the following morning. Experts from CP Plus

say that a fine will be imposed on those who do not bring this device with them. In addition to keeping a watchful eye on their drinking habits, drivers in Europe should check the speed limits of the country they’ll be driving in before they go, and note where there are special conditions (for instance Germany and France have several weather related restrictions.

CP Plus DrivingIn France, carrying a bulb kit is also legally required when driving however this is a useful thing to have regardless of the country you’re in. In addition to this, CP Plus says that drivers should carry an emergency repair kit and a spare tyre with them, as if they break down in a foreign country, it will be far more difficult to get someone to fix the vehicle. Make sure that the spare tyre is in good condition and adequately inflated, and that the sealant in the repair kit is intact and full.