CP Plus | Taking Control

With British motorways experiencing higher levels of traffic each year, it is important that motorists are able to use motorway service stations for a well-earned rest break.

CP Plus is the provider of parking management services to Roadchef, a company that operates 20 motorway service stations across Britain, who typically receive 60 million visitors every year and it is their job to make sure that the two hour maximum stay is enforced effectively. The Highways Agency insists that service stations make parking available for motorway users; therefore long term parking has to be kept to a minimum.

CP Plus have been working closely with Roadchef for the last 11 years and in order to tackle the problem of long term parking, they have used the traditional car parking enforcement techniques. However, with the advancement of technology in the field of car parking management, CP Plus have been able to introduce technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems to further enhance the high quality of their services. Another aspect of parking management that CP Plus undertake for Roadchef at their motorway service stations is managing the different facilities connected with a site.  CP Plus makes sure that parking areas for HGVs and coaches are used properly and HGVs are able to have long stay parking for a fee, enabling them to have overnight stays.

cp plusAs well as managing the parking at motorway service stations, CP Plus have been tasked with managing the 400 space parking facilities at Darlington College, which presents its own set of challenges.

Darlington College wished to change from a free parking system to one with a small fee to cover the cost of management services and they turned to CP Plus, with their expertise in the parking industry, for the solution. The low cost and high demand for parking spaces meant that CP Plus had to come up with a system of managing the demand.

To satisfy the charging requirements of Darlington College, CP Plus implemented a staged tariff over the life of the contract of seven years, helping to keep the car parking charges low. Further control of car parking was achieved by CP Plus with the introduction of a secure pass and registration system making sure that only legitimate users were able to park on the site.

Darlington College were grateful to CP Plus for sorting out the teething problems which were encountered in the early stages and for the effectiveness of the CP Plus operators who work the site.

CP Plus | Guarding the Future

CP Plus is one of the UK’s leading providers of car park management services and has built up an operation covering 350 car parks, employing in excess of 400 people. CP Plus started up in 1991 with just 3 clients and has reached the position it enjoys in the parking industry today by ensuring not only the high quality of the parking management services they offer, but also the high quality of CP Plus staff.  In addition, CP Plus makes sure that they are on the cutting edge of the parking industry by keeping abreast of developments and new technology in their field. This approach of looking to the future is part of the reason that CP Plus are so successful today.

cp plusBy keeping up with the new technology available and by using their considerable industry insight and expertise, CP Plus are able to provide tailor made car park management and security solutions that suit each client’s individual requirements.

Having technology is one thing, but fully understanding how it works is what really matters, and CP Plus engages in comprehensive training with their staff to make sure that the car park management technology they employ is used properly and effectively.

CP Plus also understand that car park management technology is constantly being upgraded, changed and developed and also understand the importance of keeping up to date with those changes. CP Plus also believes that the best way of offering client’s the best available parking solution to meet their requirements can be achieved by using the very latest in car park management technology.

However, CP Plus are committed to providing clients with the best possible car park management solutions that are appropriate to their individual circumstances. Therefore, CP Plus never uses car park management technology, simply for the sake of it.  If technology isn’t needed on a particular site, CP Plus will employ traditional car park management techniques.

The types of technology available in the CP Plus arsenal include on-site parking enforcement through live feeds, GPS based patrol logging system, online permit management systems, mobile phone and internet based payment systems, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and an integrated ANPR buggy.

All the car park management technology that CP Plus uses can add real value to the services on offer. CP Plus research new car park management technology and will only use technology which they know works and also adds benefits, rather than just using it because it is ‘the latest thing’.

CP Plus | Ahead of the Field

It is very true that it is impossible to go forward whilst standing still, and therefore, CP Plus are constantly reviewing new developments and technologies in the car park management services industry to maintain their position as one of the leading providers of car park management services in the UK.

cp plus

CP Plus saw an opportunity just over 20 years ago to enter the parking industry with an innovative business plan to provide a service that the NHS were very much in need of. After expanding into the private sector, CP Plus now employs more than 400 people and manages 350 car parks. CP Plus has gained ISO 9001:2008, which covers their procedures and operations and also have BS standard accreditation in managed guarding, CCTV operations and vetting and screening procedures. Through their continued commitment to staff, including comprehensive training programmes, CP Plus has gained Investors in People status. Maintaining high standards is important to CP Plus and this is reflected in the quality of their services and the staff that implement them.

CP Plus is the number one car park management provider for the NHS and Roadchef motorway service stations and has achieved this status by being responsive to their client’s needs. CP Plus have never believed in a one size fits all solution to car park management and always involve their clients in making the right decisions based on the CP Plus expertise and their own requirements.

CP Plus believes that car park management technology is the way to take the industry into the future, but will only use car park management technology that works and adds value to the car park management services they offer. If a client’s individual set of circumstances indicate that traditional car park management techniques are more appropriate, CP Plus will not use car park management technology just for the sake of it and will provide the client with the best possible and most appropriate car park management services that suit their requirements.

Recent success stories for CP Plus in 2013 include the retention and expansion of the British Land contract with a focus on facilities management, being appointed to manage the car parks for High Speed 1′s stations for the next 5 years, which include Ebbsfleet Internationl, Ashford International and St Pancras International and being selected to manage the Southbank Centre car parks.

CP Plus secures five-year contract with High Speed 1 | CP Plus

CP PlusCP Plus was recently appointed to manage the High Speed 1 station car parks, which are located at St Pancras International, Ashford International and Ebbsfleet International. Ebbsfleet is the biggest of the three car parks; it is also one of the busiest in the entire country, with thousands of vehicles passing through it every day.

The site has just over five thousand spaces, and is made up of four surface level cars parks. Its primary function is as a base for commuters who reside Kent. CP Plus, who signed a five year management contract, will be responsible for ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained on site. This could be quite difficult at times, as significant changes are to be made to the car parks in order to accommodate a new motorist community. However, if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s CP Plus.

The primary goal which the team at CP Plus have, in regards to the Ebbsfleet site, is to maintain a highly functional and efficient car park. With this in mind, CP Plus will be providing motorists with the opportunity to pre-book their parking spaces on the internet. This site already has an ANPR system installed, as well as pay on foot services. A customer kiosk is also to be added to the car park, so as to improve customer service, and CP Plus is considering introducing other customer initiatives, such as car washing facilities and valet parking.

Ashford International has a total of eighteen hundred spaces and is made of up two surface car parks as well as a multi-storey building which contains six floors. CP Plus intends to maintain a high quality service at this site by implementing 24/7 management, and by offering pay on foot systems. Furthermore, CP Plus will be providing asset and facilities management services, which are to include forecourt maintenance, vegetation control and general repairs.

St Pancreas International has three hundred and fifty spaces, within a multi-storey building. Its pay on foot services have been integrated with an Automatic Number Plate System, and CP Plus also provides a cleaning service. The car park is open twenty four hours a day, so as to ensure that train users who arrive late at night, or early in the morning, can easily access their vehicles. All three of these sites are to have barrier-less ANPR systems installed by CP Plus, so that payment and booking methods used by customers are flexible and easy to use.

CP Plus to work with Dalkeith on redevelopment strategy | CP Plus

Established twenty two years ago, CP Plus began its life as a tiny company with just three clients. But due to its employees’ knowledge and experience, CP Plus quickly earned itself a reputation as one of the top car park operators in the country. Today, CP Plus manages a total of three hundred and fifty car parks and employs over four hundred people. Working in several different sectors, CP Plus is the top car park management company for motorway service station operators, as well as the NHS.

cp plusCP Plus understands that each of its clients is unique, and so aims to customise its service to fit the requirements of individual businesses. The CP Plus parking services include everything from car park technology and parking enforcement, to car park, security and facilities management. Over the years, the team at CP Plus have developed an amazing client list; they now work with many of the leading companies in the UK, providing them with car park services which enhance their businesses.

Recently, CP Plus won a five year contract with Dalkeith Council, which means that it will now be providing car park management services to this town. As part of their contract, the staff at CP Plus will be working on the two main car parks (St Andrews and North Wynd) which were, up until this point, being managed by the council. Both car parks will undergo refurbishments, in order to make them more efficient and easier for drivers to use. CP Plus will also be improving security and customer service at these car parks, by installing kiosks. In addition to this, they will be repairing potholes, and improving the existing pay and display machines.

Gavin Povey who works at CP Plus as the Head of Development, noted that he and the rest of the staff were delighted when they heard that they had won the contract to manage the Dalkeith Council car parks, particularly given how strong the competition was. Povey noted that the tendering process was lengthy and at times, they were unsure as to what the outcome would be. However, he stated that he and his team are very confident that they will be able to provide the council with the best parking solutions, and added that they would be working closely with them throughout the course of the refurbishment.

Sectors | CP Plus

CP Plus can assist in designing, developing and constructing a superior standard car park facility for your business. CP Plus understands that the development of a well-rounded, functional parking facility is a time-consuming procedure in which hard work and money are invested. It is therefore crucial to see such developments being created in the correct manner right from the beginning.

cp plusCP Plus believes that it is vital for contractors and developers to liaise with a specialist car park management company from the initial stage, in order to ensure such parking facilities are suited to its purpose, stick to the intended objective, meet the requirements of planning requirements and can be completely incorporated into the development as a whole.

CP Plus has assisted numerous establishments from the beginning of their individual developments. CP Plus has implemented the appropriate designs at the correct stages, in effect assisting in the achievement of a Secured by Design award. CP Plus possesses the expertise and the know-how to assist your business in creating a first-rate parking facility CP Plus can also assist in the implementation of a managed hospital parking facility, whilst staying sensitive to the requirements of patients and/or their visitors. CP Plus is the leading parking facility provider within the NHS. Their unsurpassed expertise allows CP Plus to offer a blend of efficient parking experiences with a sensitive service.

The enforcement has to be executed without distressing patients and their visitors. CP Plus retains a carefully trained workforce who are involved in the operation of car parks at NHS hospitals, and provide the managing of security as well as custom-made CCTV systems. Due to the continuous development of car park technology, the utilisation of advanced technology systems at NHS car parks managed by CP Plus allows for enhanced safety and security for patients as well their visitors.

CP Plus manages the parking facilities of twenty NHS trusts at more than 40 healthcare sites. The company understands the importance of keeping crucial roadways clear, to allow emergency vehicles to gain immediate entrance to healthcare facilities. The objective of parking duties performed by this parking management company is to successfully assist hospitals to function effectively and efficiently.




Parking Payment Methods | CP Plus

When faced with the decision of which parking payment methods should be implemented, it is very important to determine what you as the property or business owner want to achieve. CP Plus recommends that business and property owners should define whether they want to achieve. Once such objectives are identified, the various solutions available can be explored.

cp plus

The pay on exit method is a self-supporting payment solution that enables motorists to pay a parking fee when exiting the parking facility. Payments can be made at allocated pay stations by means of a credit card or cash. This method of payment is highly effective as it ensures that payment is received for the parking whilst it deflects any abuse of the parking facilities.

CP Plus can advise on the use of prepaid online portals in order to manage the the car parking facilities. This system is generally available at airports and operates on the principle that motorists pay in advance for their parking. The parking facilities are monitored by means of automated number plate identification technology that immediately identifies such vehicles that have already paid.

The CP Plus pay by phone system enables drivers of vehicles to use a credit card to pay for parking by means of mobile text messages or telephone calls. This method is beneficial as customers do not have to carry change on their person to pay for parking.

Mobile payments for parking are very similar as the pay by phone method; the difference being that payments are conducted by means of smartphone equipped with the CP Plus online application. Many motorists find this method more appealing.

The advancement of modern-day technology has allowed for the wave-and-pay process to be implemented in certain sectors. The system enables customers to wave their credit cards or smartphones over payment points whereby the full payment is deducted from the customers’ linked bank account. CP Plus believes that this method is sure to become a general method of payment for many parking fee transactions that do not exceed £10.