CP Plus Given Ashford and St Peters Foundation Trust Car Park Duties

Management of the Ashford and St Peters Foundation Hospitals Trust has been awarded to CP Plus over other competitors. The Trust went to in-house management of their car park sites in 2006 after a 2000-2005 management by CP Plus. However, increased problems with traffic congestion prompted them to return to an outside management company with CP Plus being chosen again.

One of the main reasons for the Trust turning over car park management to CP Plus was that they installed a barrier system and other renovations. However, congestion of traffic increased beyond the barrier, due to motorists parking in the undesignated areas. Because authorisation by the Trust is not allowed for the issuing of Parking Charge Notices, they had to return to a company (CP Plus) that could have access to DVLA data, in order to effectively enforce parking and bring the situation back under control.

CP Plus has reformulated parking policy for the Ashford and St Peters Foundation Trust car park sites as well as installing proper signage so that the facilities are British Parking Association compliant under their existing Code of Practice. Security Industry Association (SIA) licensed CP Plus staff members have also been assigned to the areas in order to help enforce parking regulations.

Gavin Povey, the Head of Development at CP Plus, said that it was an credit to our staff having the company’s value recognised by the Ashford and St Peters Foundation Trust since CP Plus had handled car park management for them before. Povey added that CP Plus was well capable of effectively handling continued service to the Trust by both managing and enforcing the Trust’s car parks.

CP Plus CP Plus might also be able to apply other of their professional and innovative solutions to the Trust’s car parks. The company provides such services as car park and facilities management, security management, state of the art car park technology and parking enforcement. Parking solutions provided by CP Plus can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any client.

CP Plus has grown from a small company with only three clients starting out in 1991 to one of the most sought after car park management companies in the UK. The company now manages more than 350 car parks owned by various companies, some of which are leading names in the country.

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