CP Plus Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to Manage and Maintain Car Parks

Car parks are normally taken for granted by those utilising them, until things begin to stop functioning or begin to deteriorate. Extensive maintenance and upkeep are required to keep car parks in a respectable working order. CP Plus is a leading car park management company that understands all the requirements for keeping car park customers happy and they are taking the necessary steps to provide comprehensive car park services to their clients who include motorway service operators, local authorities, developers, English Heritage, retailers and NHS Trusts.

Many car park companies summon outside contractors to fill in potholes, replace broken signs, repaint fading lines, etc. However, CP Plus has taken such situations into their own hands and has made moves to use its more than 20 years of car park management experience to provide most services required to keep their client’s car parks in top shape and providing excellent customer service.

Besides the above mentioned tasks, CP Plus has also grown to provide light bulb replacement and deep cleaning of car park areas as part of their core services. Car park landscaping, replanting, weeding and other property maintenance services have also been incorporated into their offered services. CP Plus believes that clean and nicely presented surroundings make a big difference in the overall good experience of parking customers.

CP PlusWhen surfaces of car parks managed by CP Plus deteriorate, the company brings in surface refurbishment contractors that are professionally equipped to resurface simple or multi-level car parks. CP Plus also oversees car park upgrades and provides advice, layouts, materials, fee gathering and security equipment, signage and other necessities. While refurbishments are in process, CP Plus ensures that operations continue with the least amount of disruption possible.

Dealing with adverse weather conditions is another element with which CP Plus is well acquainted. Winters, in particular, can be severe across the UK with snow and ice presenting particularly challenging problems. However, CP Plus has devised effective strategies to deal with winter weather that include de-icing and snow removal. The company stockpiles salt, spreads grit, removes snow and other necessary winter weather services.

The main objective of CP Plus is to provide the best car park management service in the UK, by delivering the highest level of quality and commitment. CP Plus helps to protect the customers that utilise their clients car parks, often relying on Met Office services to provide them with early freeze warnings so that car park surfaces, entryways and footpaths are adequately prepared beforehand to resist ice build up.

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