A comprehensive kit for car breakdowns – items recommend by CP Plus

A comprehensive kit for car breakdowns – items recommend by CP Plus

Most drivers know that they need to keep basics such as a spare tyre, a car jack and a flashlight in their car in case they break down. However, there are a few other bits and pieces which can come in handy when your vehicle slows to a stop. In this article, auto-experts from CP Plus discuss some of the most useful items to keep in your car boot.

A bottle of engine oil is a must-have item, according to CP Plus. A one litre bottle should be enough to top off a CP Plus Breakdown Kitdangerously low oil level. Bear in mind that running out of oil will almost certainly result in the engine seizing up. Engine oil can also be used to help lubricate any screws which have seized up, which can mean the difference between making it to the nearest garage, or being stuck at the side of the motorway.

Metallic tape is another item which CP Plus experts say is surprisingly useful; this is excellent for temporarily fixing an exhaust pipe; a double wrap over a hole will allow you to drive the car to the mechanic without worrying about inhaling exhaust fumes. This tape is also great for sealing up air and water hoses.

CP Plus breakdownOn top of this, CP Plus says that it’s a good idea to keep elephant tape in the car; this can be used for bonding wet surfaces, which makes it perfect for any water leaks. However remember that this will not be able to withstand high temperatures, and so it not suitable for covering any holes on the exhaust pipe, as it will simply melt off.

A strong, relatively long piece of rope is another item which will be invaluable if you break down and are offered a tow. CP Plus also says that it can be used to temporarily replace a broken alternator belt. You should also keep a set of long jump leads in your boot, in case your battery goes flat, as a quick jump start from a passing motorist is often enough to get your car up and moving again.

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