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Driving in Europe – tips from CP Plus

According to CP Plus, the differences between driving in mainland Europe and driving in the UK go beyond simply driving on the left or the right of the road. In some instances, these differences arise as a result of circumstances which rarely if ever occur in the UK. Here, we explore the variations in driving requirements between these two places.

Weather conditions play an important role in the different ways in which people drive in the UK and mainland Europe. For example in Europe’s colder areas, drivers are required to use winter tyres on their car for several months of the year. And, although in the UK, motorists have no qualms about driving in the rain, in Spain and France, the speed limits

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are actually reduced when it’s wet outside. Other differences are much smaller and more often than not it is these less noticeable differences which catch UK motorists out when they drive in Europe.

It’s important for drivers from the UK to ensure that they have both parts of their licence with them whilst driving abroad; if they’re stopped by the police, they’ll be expected to produce this documentation. They’ll also need it if they decide they want to hire a car, rather than bring their own.

For those touring the wine regions of France, it’s worth noting that in this country it’s illegal to ride a motorbike or drive a car without carry a breathalyser. Whilst this might seem extreme, it can prove to be useful for drivers who intend to go on frequent wine tastings, and to dine out and drink with their meals, as this could easily leave them over the limit the following morning. Experts from CP Plus

say that a fine will be imposed on those who do not bring this device with them. In addition to keeping a watchful eye on their drinking habits, drivers in Europe should check the speed limits of the country they’ll be driving in before they go, and note where there are special conditions (for instance Germany and France have several weather related restrictions.

CP Plus DrivingIn France, carrying a bulb kit is also legally required when driving however this is a useful thing to have regardless of the country you’re in. In addition to this, CP Plus says that drivers should carry an emergency repair kit and a spare tyre with them, as if they break down in a foreign country, it will be far more difficult to get someone to fix the vehicle. Make sure that the spare tyre is in good condition and adequately inflated, and that the sealant in the repair kit is intact and full.