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CP Plus can assist in designing, developing and constructing a superior standard car park facility for your business. CP Plus understands that the development of a well-rounded, functional parking facility is a time-consuming procedure in which hard work and money are invested. It is therefore crucial to see such developments being created in the correct manner right from the beginning.

cp plusCP Plus believes that it is vital for contractors and developers to liaise with a specialist car park management company from the initial stage, in order to ensure such parking facilities are suited to its purpose, stick to the intended objective, meet the requirements of planning requirements and can be completely incorporated into the development as a whole.

CP Plus has assisted numerous establishments from the beginning of their individual developments. CP Plus has implemented the appropriate designs at the correct stages, in effect assisting in the achievement of a Secured by Design award. CP Plus possesses the expertise and the know-how to assist your business in creating a first-rate parking facility CP Plus can also assist in the implementation of a managed hospital parking facility, whilst staying sensitive to the requirements of patients and/or their visitors. CP Plus is the leading parking facility provider within the NHS. Their unsurpassed expertise allows CP Plus to offer a blend of efficient parking experiences with a sensitive service.

The enforcement has to be executed without distressing patients and their visitors. CP Plus retains a carefully trained workforce who are involved in the operation of car parks at NHS hospitals, and provide the managing of security as well as custom-made CCTV systems. Due to the continuous development of car park technology, the utilisation of advanced technology systems at NHS car parks managed by CP Plus allows for enhanced safety and security for patients as well their visitors.

CP Plus manages the parking facilities of twenty NHS trusts at more than 40 healthcare sites. The company understands the importance of keeping crucial roadways clear, to allow emergency vehicles to gain immediate entrance to healthcare facilities. The objective of parking duties performed by this parking management company is to successfully assist hospitals to function effectively and efficiently.




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