CP Plus | Guarding the Future

CP Plus is one of the UK’s leading providers of car park management services and has built up an operation covering 350 car parks, employing in excess of 400 people. CP Plus started up in 1991 with just 3 clients and has reached the position it enjoys in the parking industry today by ensuring not only the high quality of the parking management services they offer, but also the high quality of CP Plus staff.  In addition, CP Plus makes sure that they are on the cutting edge of the parking industry by keeping abreast of developments and new technology in their field. This approach of looking to the future is part of the reason that CP Plus are so successful today.

cp plusBy keeping up with the new technology available and by using their considerable industry insight and expertise, CP Plus are able to provide tailor made car park management and security solutions that suit each client’s individual requirements.

Having technology is one thing, but fully understanding how it works is what really matters, and CP Plus engages in comprehensive training with their staff to make sure that the car park management technology they employ is used properly and effectively.

CP Plus also understand that car park management technology is constantly being upgraded, changed and developed and also understand the importance of keeping up to date with those changes. CP Plus also believes that the best way of offering client’s the best available parking solution to meet their requirements can be achieved by using the very latest in car park management technology.

However, CP Plus are committed to providing clients with the best possible car park management solutions that are appropriate to their individual circumstances. Therefore, CP Plus never uses car park management technology, simply for the sake of it.  If technology isn’t needed on a particular site, CP Plus will employ traditional car park management techniques.

The types of technology available in the CP Plus arsenal include on-site parking enforcement through live feeds, GPS based patrol logging system, online permit management systems, mobile phone and internet based payment systems, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and an integrated ANPR buggy.

All the car park management technology that CP Plus uses can add real value to the services on offer. CP Plus research new car park management technology and will only use technology which they know works and also adds benefits, rather than just using it because it is ‘the latest thing’.