Parking Payment Methods | CP Plus

When faced with the decision of which parking payment methods should be implemented, it is very important to determine what you as the property or business owner want to achieve. CP Plus recommends that business and property owners should define whether they want to achieve. Once such objectives are identified, the various solutions available can be explored.

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The pay on exit method is a self-supporting payment solution that enables motorists to pay a parking fee when exiting the parking facility. Payments can be made at allocated pay stations by means of a credit card or cash. This method of payment is highly effective as it ensures that payment is received for the parking whilst it deflects any abuse of the parking facilities.

CP Plus can advise on the use of prepaid online portals in order to manage the the car parking facilities. This system is generally available at airports and operates on the principle that motorists pay in advance for their parking. The parking facilities are monitored by means of automated number plate identification technology that immediately identifies such vehicles that have already paid.

The CP Plus pay by phone system enables drivers of vehicles to use a credit card to pay for parking by means of mobile text messages or telephone calls. This method is beneficial as customers do not have to carry change on their person to pay for parking.

Mobile payments for parking are very similar as the pay by phone method; the difference being that payments are conducted by means of smartphone equipped with the CP Plus online application. Many motorists find this method more appealing.

The advancement of modern-day technology has allowed for the wave-and-pay process to be implemented in certain sectors. The system enables customers to wave their credit cards or smartphones over payment points whereby the full payment is deducted from the customers’ linked bank account. CP Plus believes that this method is sure to become a general method of payment for many parking fee transactions that do not exceed £10.